Thursday, May 15, 2014

Should I Sleep On A First Date?

This question is often our prerogative to us girls. The debate still rages passions on the one hand those who deny it under the pretext of "self-respect" (but always end up falling for a guy who will be able to talk to them) and those who advocate casual sex the first night and one day fall in love with their fuck-friend. Americans have settled the matter in a factual manner by imposing the social rule of the third appointment. But we often forget that it takes two to make the decision to love. And you gentlemen you find yourself lost between social conventions and your libido.

Is the wrong debate

The conventional wisdom is that a couple who "expected" sees increase its chances of longevity. One is left with boys and girls or even bi-curious girls who crave and feel give themselves a chance by holding a little. Or girls that make you marinate to check your intentions and find the first surprise of being dumped the day after the first night after a month of hard court. This is the moment where I'm tired and I say hogwash. I'll tell you a story that happened to me there almost two years.
I had an evening appointment with a boy met on the internet. I gave him an appointment after work ... A 23:00. "You do not want to wait until Tuesday and I invite you to the restaurant? - No! I have heavy legs and I want that one finds oneself after a hard day of mutual consolation and additionally get a massage calves. - Uh ... OK. "I landed like a flower and is very much to my taste. No surprise, we make love, I want to get laid. Galant, he dropped me at my place of work the next day. At the time of leaving, we had a funny conversation:
- See you?
- I do not know. I like you, I replied.
- What if I told you that I did not want to go further?
By noon time he managed to make me want to know more. But we did not know enough to talk about commitment. I took my your girl-who-takes-and-only-makes-no-affect irrational and I replied:
- So we have had a good time. After it is not known, it would be a shame to say goodbye without being sure of what we have to do together. But you do what you want.
- I'll call you soon has he concludes.
Today, this young man and I live together. I regularly drink the coffee with his mother and a pretty ring keeps you warm my left ring finger. And I'm not an isolated case. And I am not single.
I felt that our relationship could be based on something other than sexual tension. I instead made to cool down the spirits and allow us to focus on something more important: our eventual compatibility. The moral of this story is beautiful: the fact of sleeping the first night is in no way indicative of what you have to bring you in relationships. A pretty girl, funny and cultivated met in the evening no less beautiful, less funny or less cultivated after intercourse. Hold it to say.

The sexual attraction as a catalyst for interest

Sunset on the first night or not? Yes, provided that the sexual tension is at its peak, some or intentions you have towards it. This will go through:
  • Physically closer to you,
  •   Sexual conversation
  • Leave collect from desire (neither too much nor too little)
  • In short, create flirting (amorous behavior, halfway between seduction and getting laid).
The goal is to get him to say that she misses the night of her life if she in not gets laid with you. And when that is the case, do not wait, go for it. This tension will intensify the sex itself: it will be better for you and for her. The memory that you will leave will be more vibrant and it can only serve you. Furthermore, a sensual man in bed is often perceived as an intelligent man. As long as you are a good lover, use this card that will enhance your attractiveness.
A classic trap that many people fall: Sleeping together without making love under the pretense of "take your time". If you flirt with a girl and she spends the night with you, make love. Do not hold back on the pretext of "romanticism". Sleep together without love is down sexual tension without the orgasm box, and causes pain in the testicles.
Note: I discovered that the Anglo-Saxons used the term "blue balls" to refer to male pain out of frustration, you learn something every day!
Similarly, pre-pre-preliminary (hand games on Monday, mouth play on Tuesday, Wednesday games Villains) are useless. If you put your fingers, the rest should follow in time. The excuse of "no condom" does is not: It is a point on its stock before the host and can not empty pockets if you do not play at home.

Want more than a One Night Stand?

We'll have prove your worth. It has been two hours since you converse with this brunette. She's cute, funny and has "that little extra" that makes you want to go further? Property.
It has happened to me to want to be a boy, but frightened at the idea of ​​seeing disappear the next day. So I delayed as much as possible the first time. I had the good turn and shake my breasts under their noses as a reward for their interest so "no arms, no chocolate," it did not work. It is not delaying sexual relationship you are going to convince them to become your girlfriend. Besides, it does not convince a girl, it takes acting. Your attitude, your values, your lifestyle, that some of the things that matter to us.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Infidelity and extramarital why women cheat on their husbands

Infidelity, adultery, illicit encounters and extramarital the 21st century, it is the end of the shot, men cheat more than women. Can we say that there is finally equality between the sexes, at least regarding the sexual sphere? Infidelity, which is still considered a totally masculine behavior is part of the lives of women. Whether right or wrong, evolution is noteworthy that the number of women who cheat on their husband continues to grow and grow, and they now speak on the subject. Female psychology is different from the male psychology, it would be interesting to discover the reasons why women cheat or are sometimes trying to meet a new fling. Will the weaker sex mistaken for love? Or, on the contrary, women also deceive for sensual thrills? The weather changes and women adapt. Other problems are also wondering: should confess or not? Should we stay a couple after having a lover? Women, unlike men, prefer to confess to free the weight of adultery. But is this always true? The nature of women is complex and the changes they have experienced in recent decades are radical!
Adultery or extramarital feminine
This is a shocking revelation, while we have always thought that women who cheat on their husbands do so only when they are in love. Instead, they seem to appreciate above all to feel desired or they just enjoy being laid. Women looking for a lover primarily to reassure their seductive ability, especially after several years of marriage or couple. They want to prove they can still please and seduce whatever their status (married for over 10 years, mother of two children, housewife ...). So women they deceive men more today than before? It should be noted that they are now more free to declare their preferences and trends, they could not confess before. But the fact that they did not express their desires to have a secret garden, does not mean they did not deceive their husbands.
Occasional infidelity or second long love story?
Most women interviewed on this issue, contrary to what people think men in particular, declares prefer casual relationships. Women also want small adventures for one day only for one night, to feel beautiful, seductive feel alive while their husbands do not make them vibrate. Note that if a woman feels more valued by another man by her own husband in a period of his life, that does not mean the end of marriage, something may not work but is still serviceable. The ability to feel beautiful and sensual eyes of someone else for women help to better understand the life of a couple, often monotonous and boring over time.
However, there are women who are looking for an extramarital affair longer, then this can mean that the marriage comes to an end, and they need to escape, they need a hookup because of loneliness. A woman, as a man, not looking for a story that lasts if her marriage is satisfactory.
I must admit adultery or secrecy?
A survey also found that most women prefer not to admit it. 82% against only 18% who decide to reveal it. Women who take their secrets well hidden desire to 47% not to ruin the trust of their partners, but the majority, 53%, said that, with regard only an occasional infidelity, it was not necessary to reveal. Women who decide to confess do: 42% of cases to feel better, 25% because they are not able to keep a secret. There is also 33% of respondents who reported confess to end their relationship with their husband,  fuck buddy or boyfriend. In this case, the betrayal is used as an excuse, while they lack the courage.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Are you infidel without knowing it?

Flirting on Facebook
Flirting on Facebook is a phenomenon that is growing more and more, especially made ​​to recontact a (an) ex. Its becoming more like a personal hookup classified ad service. However, 42% of women do not think there is infidelity when their partner recontacted her ex via Facebook. Men are 56 percent to think.
What is surprising is that the study does not take into account the reason for contacting engagement with the former. We assure you that whatever your reason to do so, your partner will not see a good eye ...

Monday, February 10, 2014

Flirt online. What are the mistakes to avoid

Now see WHY it is useful for you to know what mistakes to avoid in online flirting. Of course these truths apply to both men and women.
Flirting online is an art requires a minimum of self-confidence without falling into the male side arrogant or sticky girl. The balance is required.
If you go too far, you will be cataloged "Super Glue." If you're shy and do not go far enough, you will be perceived as "deleted." So how will you achieve online this point halfway between tights and nonexistent. Under the flirting online, you can not use the natural charm your eyes or your body language. Strengths available are computer and your membership in the Network.
1. Have fun! Be funny and entertaining. Give him want to continue to communicate with you. To be attractive, flirt is so playful.
2. Adopt positive attitude. For successful flirting it is necessary to have an attitude positive in life. Your contacts should feel a good feeling with you. They must feel good. Attitude optimistic draws ladies as magnet attracts iron
3. Say compliments. Again it is all about attitude. I'm not saying that you should always say it's good, but when you do, go for it with enthusiasm. Everyone receives daily amounts of critical and too few compliments. So if you truly want to make your partner spend more time with you.
4. Listen, listen carefully especially your partner. Pay attention everything he or she tells you and if necessary ask the right follow-up questions. Give him the opportunity to speak her life. You should at once make him feel that it is an interesting person and that you are interested in his personality, but you do not always agree with his views. You see, it is simple and O p era perfectly!
Stay 5. Courteous. Flirting Online does not mean forgetting about the stages of seduction before arriving at sex. And even less to amaze you if your partner is not as early as you. Good advice. If you get many of releases, it might be time to change the method ...
6. Being grateful. Never forget to send a small thank you message after receiving a small gift. This is essential to the success of your online flirting.
Keep patient. Useless to go too quickly. Flirting is the first step a strong relationship.
And you know what are the attitudes to adopt to seduce you? Leave a comment below, I would be happy and I will answer you personally.

Monday, December 16, 2013

love at first click

Only one appears more difficult than to get a partner for life - to find him on the internet. More than 2,500 online dating services, dating portals, matchmaker and infidelity agencies offer online services to their love. The offer is growing almost daily.
Gone are the days when surfers and chatters roamed the net looking for hot stock recommendations for a casual hook-up date. The Internet generation has long since discovered another issue: love, sex and flirtation. She builds the information superhighway to the contact network of the hunt for the lonely hearts.
The confidence of the German grows into the intermediary services of the Internet. "In the past we have been associated with porn and prostitution," says Arndt Roller, CEO of eHarmony, "today we are accepted." Nearly a quarter of all Singles believes that nowadays, you can get to know his partner on the internet. While most parties, discos and clubs still hold for the more promising mating grounds.
However, the virtual dating services have long been obsolete classic ads in newspapers and magazines. The figures are based on a survey by market research firm Innofact on behalf of the brokerage eHarmony.
Expanding market
It has become normal to flirt on the internet. More than 40 percent of all singles looked for a partner already in the network. 20 percent can imagine to try it in the future. The market is growing, simply because there are more and more single-person households in Germany. In the age group 18-69 years, every fifth lives alone.
What was ridiculed even a few years ago and was embarrassed today wonder no more. For many flirting has become the Internet for social game and leisure activities, on the one speaks freely with friends. This is simply because the new media are deeply penetrated into our daily lives. Surfing, e-mails, chatting are long taken for granted - at least for the generations to mid-forties, but increasingly also for the elderly.
Form friendships in checkered flannel suit
In addition, the main target group of 35 - to 50-year career strongly clamped. "Many have no desire to be pretty again after a busy working and going out," says Sabine Wery von Limont, psychologist and single coach. Contact rather checkered flannel suit in front of the computer and courting my future partner alone with imaginative mails. This is convenient.
So you will first times anonymous and moves on to safe territory. "The likelihood that you will be perceived as a person online is much larger than offline," Wery believes v. Limont. When excavating in the bar you will too quickly prized and pushed into a drawer. The most important thing: At the Flirt market all have the same goal - you want to get to know someone.
Too expensive for a short adventure
Matchmaking and dating agencies share the growing market. The second group includes the Hamburg agency eHarmony. For five years, she tries to match pairs with the help of an elaborate psychological tests. Be addressed especially the 30 - to 60-year; them to a happy and long lasting relationship will be taught.
Against a short adventure, the mere price: Anyone who wants to be helped six months in finding a partner, must pay 179 euros for it. The brokerage Be2 requires 146 euro for a similar service.
Women are scarce
Simple and often cheaper than dating agencies are dating services on the net. Friend Scout24, Meetic, Ilove, or New offer their services already on from 7,99 euros per month. A premium package costs but also 29.45 monthly. Who it remains longer, is cheaper away.
As women - as in many Disco - are often scarce, the contact is for them sometimes for free, such as in Meetic. Which stock exchange is now the greatest promise of success, this is quite subjective.
No guarantee for the happiness of love
In general, of course, the larger the number of members, the greater the chance to meet good people. When searching for the appropriate platform to help comparison services like singleboersen comparison, flirt and flirt boersen side comparison ranking. A Stiftung Warentest love they are not, of course.
The calculator is designed to help the romantic love on the jumps. Does it work? A study of the University of Zurich shows that at least 26 percent of the contact-seekers on the Internet to find a steady partner. Before disappointed expectations and rejection, the machine does not protect you, of course. Although you can also exchange about love pain in the network. But in the end only helps someone who takes a hug.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Couples: men do look around some more, women don't

Singles react differently to new acquaintances as determined who is dating. This can only confirm researchers at the University of Indiana to their experiments. But you limit: The relationship applies only to women who are stuck in a relationship. In men, they found no measurable difference.

For the study, researchers confronted their subjects with digital photos on the laptop. The 59 heterosexual men and 56 women aged 17 to 26 years were asked to rate 510 photos that people their gender and age group showed. Once there was a question whether the picture is distorted or not. Another time, asked to rate the attractiveness of the people displayed the test participants. Furthermore, the researchers asked the volunteers to their judgment, for how male or female they kept the person depicted. Your decisions they should each take "from the gut" and enter as soon as possible with a keyboard shortcut.

21 of the 56 women had a sex partner at the time of testing, 25 of the men The evaluations of ratings and reaction times revealed statistically significant differences among the women, its affiliated women attacked a few fractions of a second faster in the keys than the unbound. The researchers interpreted the shortened reaction time as an expression of reduced interest in the opposite sex. The result could indicate a relatively strong binding of the women to their partners that may suppress their attention and appreciation for alternative nsa partners, though married but still looking for a flirt is not a rare between women.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fashion sins: What women should avoid on a first date

Mini skirt and baggy look - two fashion sins that women should avoid on the first date. The right outfit is very important for the success of your date. The selection of clothes, jewelery and perfume should be done with caution.

The first impression counts

The first impression is the irreplaceable. Especially if you have a date, you should take care with particular care of their appearance. To avoid fashion sins you should avoid too extreme outfits. It is important in the first place, that you are in your clothes feel. This is expressed namely also in your body language from.

So sit not necessarily to the latest fashion , when they actually do not like you. Instead, choose clothing that suits you and emphasizes your strengths and make sure you are not looking like a local hoe. 

Fashion sin number one: neglect

Your clothes for a first date should be comfortable and you need to feel comfortable. However, avoid a too casual look. Sweatpants and faded T-shirts you can wear at home. At the date you would with these clothes only indicate your disinterest. And you want to surely avoid.