Tips and tricks to get over a lost love through it are many. Almost always they include the point: gain distance, refrain to quickly forget can.

Time does not heal all wounds

Not the very best help are social media. Experts believe that the actually rather critically, because who confronted constantly with posts and photos of the Ex-Partners/der ex-partner, acts an important factor to overcome a breakup contrary: the time. The heals all wounds and is well known, especially in terms of separating the remedy par excellence. Most one can actually do little to handle the pain of separation. Anyone who follows but in social networks, where the / ex is on the road with whom or whether he / she has deleted from the common time old pictures, usually doing yourself any favors.

Discipline helps to process the pain of separation

There is only one: Absolute discipline. Social networks make it easy to follow the lives of those with whom we actually have no contact otherwise. That may indeed be from time to time interesting and informative, but might be dangerous: things that should better forget we for the sake of one's own mind, can not be so easily forgotten by the more or less voluntary confrontation.
Only those who educates himself to discipline, the once beloved Ex-Partner/die one beloved ex-partner is not always looking in the social network and / or they removed him even from the "friends list", can overcome the separation time.