Thursday, February 13, 2014

Infidelity and extramarital why women cheat on their husbands

Infidelity, adultery, illicit encounters and extramarital the 21st century, it is the end of the shot, men cheat more than women. Can we say that there is finally equality between the sexes, at least regarding the sexual sphere? Infidelity, which is still considered a totally masculine behavior is part of the lives of women. Whether right or wrong, evolution is noteworthy that the number of women who cheat on their husband continues to grow and grow, and they now speak on the subject. Female psychology is different from the male psychology, it would be interesting to discover the reasons why women cheat or are sometimes trying to meet a new fling. Will the weaker sex mistaken for love? Or, on the contrary, women also deceive for sensual thrills? The weather changes and women adapt. Other problems are also wondering: should confess or not? Should we stay a couple after having a lover? Women, unlike men, prefer to confess to free the weight of adultery. But is this always true? The nature of women is complex and the changes they have experienced in recent decades are radical!
Adultery or extramarital feminine
This is a shocking revelation, while we have always thought that women who cheat on their husbands do so only when they are in love. Instead, they seem to appreciate above all to feel desired or they just enjoy being laid. Women looking for a lover primarily to reassure their seductive ability, especially after several years of marriage or couple. They want to prove they can still please and seduce whatever their status (married for over 10 years, mother of two children, housewife ...). So women they deceive men more today than before? It should be noted that they are now more free to declare their preferences and trends, they could not confess before. But the fact that they did not express their desires to have a secret garden, does not mean they did not deceive their husbands.
Occasional infidelity or second long love story?
Most women interviewed on this issue, contrary to what people think men in particular, declares prefer casual relationships. Women also want small adventures for one day only for one night, to feel beautiful, seductive feel alive while their husbands do not make them vibrate. Note that if a woman feels more valued by another man by her own husband in a period of his life, that does not mean the end of marriage, something may not work but is still serviceable. The ability to feel beautiful and sensual eyes of someone else for women help to better understand the life of a couple, often monotonous and boring over time.
However, there are women who are looking for an extramarital affair longer, then this can mean that the marriage comes to an end, and they need to escape, they need a hookup because of loneliness. A woman, as a man, not looking for a story that lasts if her marriage is satisfactory.
I must admit adultery or secrecy?
A survey also found that most women prefer not to admit it. 82% against only 18% who decide to reveal it. Women who take their secrets well hidden desire to 47% not to ruin the trust of their partners, but the majority, 53%, said that, with regard only an occasional infidelity, it was not necessary to reveal. Women who decide to confess do: 42% of cases to feel better, 25% because they are not able to keep a secret. There is also 33% of respondents who reported confess to end their relationship with their husband,  fuck buddy or boyfriend. In this case, the betrayal is used as an excuse, while they lack the courage.

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