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Millions of women looking for affairs on the Internet

Psssst! Because casual dating becomes more popular, the business casual flirtations booming on the Internet.  

Discretion is one of the casual dating to the highest bid.
"She's 34 years old, 1.66 meters tall, blond and weighs 55 kilograms," says Noel Biderman Fremdgeh Pope the average Licensees his casual dating portal in Germany. "Casual Dating" casual meeting so established itself in the past four years to the fixed trend and describes in a charming way a conspiracy to sex without obligations - over the Internet. This special Fremdgeh portals like Biderman "AshleyMadison" of single pages, such as "C-Date", "Love Point" or "Secret" are to be distinguished.

What both types of users yet united: the longing for a casual passion.

Internet boom of casual dating portals
Gone is the time when the perfect timing, long-planned arrangements and a great deal of courage was needed to address an attractive people and to win them over.

Today, an amorous adventure made considerably easier. Especially the women's world opens up to amorous adventures and casual encounters and so reported numerous dating portals a dramatically increasing women's quota. In "Love Point" and "C-Date" make the female members already 50 percent. Even with "Flirt Fair" men are only ten percent in the majority. The number of new registrations of female users until the end of September 2011 was on this portal about three times as high as in the previous year.

According to operators, the success lies in women mainly because that is on reliability, safety and of course pay attention to a high density of high-class men. "Flirt Fair" wants his side even customize even more to meet the high demands of women until the end of the year - for example, by a new layout. In addition, the complete service for women is usually free, while the gentlemen finance the fun. That sounds almost according to the "good old days" of where man invited to drinks.

Many portals advertise more or less inviting slogans for the favor of clicks. "! Once Sex takeaway, please," Because you chose between ", then you want to be unfaithful without restraint and without problems" or, the one-night stand is nothing more contrary - especially for women!

As the founder of one of the biggest Affair portals worldwide, guaranteed Noel Biderman: "On AshleyMadison every woman can login, whether old or young, fat or thin, and they can be sure that within the first 48 hours of six to eight men interested in show her. "
Why more and more women seeking "casual date"
If you believe the creators, the application is for casual dating platforms but not the last attempt frustrated women. "Flirt Fair" and solely about seeing a strong influx of unbound women in their early twenties who want to try out a nsa fun before they aspire to something serious. "Young women today go much more uninhibited with their sexuality in order," says PR side to notice.

Other waived because of their living situation aware to a relationship. One of the one and a half million "Flirt Fair"-female users about've been looking into divorce and living with two small children, a practical alternative to going out and had become so attentive to the side.

They also dispose of the women by the amorous digitization of cliché role of dupes and scams to ends? Polls showed in the past that generally fremdgehen 38 percent of women and 47 percent of men.

The German women's quota at cheating portal "AshleyMadison" is even lower at 33 per cent, the trend is likely to fire up but. Bidermann is certain that "emancipation does not stop before the cheating. A fling is no longer a privilege of men. Emancipated women do not give to your partner happy, the not fully responding to them, "says Biderman. He also noticed more, geschlechtssspezifische differences.

Adventure or love frustration?
The registered women at online portals are not only interested in the quick no-strings sex. Many women are obviously unhappy because their husbands do not appreciate, do her any more compliments. "An affair can significantly improve the self-esteem of a woman," says Biderman.

For Casual dating, whether with Fremdgeh factor or no, women should therefore make aware in any case that often accompanies the desire for intimacy with the longing for sexual satisfaction - that can also be observed online contacts not turn off . "Many women tend to associate sex with the prospect of love and relationship," says sex counselor Beatrice Poschenrieder. "Many a man has once again made the experience that many women sexually open more if he makes them hope for more, and applies the so to speak, automatically," explained the expert. In this case, the supposedly Intimacy leads to love frustration.
From the hostess to the Manga Gerin
The trend of casual dating runs the way through the entire society. So 24 percent of the "AshleyMadison" users in management, for example, active, whereas 19 percent are housewives. More than half of the women are married with at least one child and for more than a third is the lack of attention of the partner a major reason for the affair. Many of them you would call "cougars" - mature ladies
 Interestingly, there is another large group of women who are married less than nine months. These newlyweds have probably noticed shortly before the wedding, that something is wrong. "But you wanted the planned celebration no longer cancel out of guilt or shame," Noel Biderman suspected.

Is in a relationship in the world statistically every third marriage divorced and every second person has ever cheated, similar to the search for true love, the. According to a purple unicorn Well, it still seems to be hope for all romantics. Finally, Noel Biderman know of one living in separation pair together again found by a casual dating portal. Since it is so, the purple unicorn.

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