Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fashion sins: What women should avoid on a first date

Mini skirt and baggy look - two fashion sins that women should avoid on the first date. The right outfit is very important for the success of your date. The selection of clothes, jewelery and perfume should be done with caution.

The first impression counts

The first impression is the irreplaceable. Especially if you have a date, you should take care with particular care of their appearance. To avoid fashion sins you should avoid too extreme outfits. It is important in the first place, that you are in your clothes feel. This is expressed namely also in your body language from.

So sit not necessarily to the latest fashion , when they actually do not like you. Instead, choose clothing that suits you and emphasizes your strengths and make sure you are not looking like a local hoe. 

Fashion sin number one: neglect

Your clothes for a first date should be comfortable and you need to feel comfortable. However, avoid a too casual look. Sweatpants and faded T-shirts you can wear at home. At the date you would with these clothes only indicate your disinterest. And you want to surely avoid.


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