Thursday, May 15, 2014

Should I Sleep On A First Date?

This question is often our prerogative to us girls. The debate still rages passions on the one hand those who deny it under the pretext of "self-respect" (but always end up falling for a guy who will be able to talk to them) and those who advocate casual sex the first night and one day fall in love with their fuck-friend. Americans have settled the matter in a factual manner by imposing the social rule of the third appointment. But we often forget that it takes two to make the decision to love. And you gentlemen you find yourself lost between social conventions and your libido.

Is the wrong debate

The conventional wisdom is that a couple who "expected" sees increase its chances of longevity. One is left with boys and girls or even bi-curious girls who crave and feel give themselves a chance by holding a little. Or girls that make you marinate to check your intentions and find the first surprise of being dumped the day after the first night after a month of hard court. This is the moment where I'm tired and I say hogwash. I'll tell you a story that happened to me there almost two years.
I had an evening appointment with a boy met on the internet. I gave him an appointment after work ... A 23:00. "You do not want to wait until Tuesday and I invite you to the restaurant? - No! I have heavy legs and I want that one finds oneself after a hard day of mutual consolation and additionally get a massage calves. - Uh ... OK. "I landed like a flower and is very much to my taste. No surprise, we make love, I want to get laid. Galant, he dropped me at my place of work the next day. At the time of leaving, we had a funny conversation:
- See you?
- I do not know. I like you, I replied.
- What if I told you that I did not want to go further?
By noon time he managed to make me want to know more. But we did not know enough to talk about commitment. I took my your girl-who-takes-and-only-makes-no-affect irrational and I replied:
- So we have had a good time. After it is not known, it would be a shame to say goodbye without being sure of what we have to do together. But you do what you want.
- I'll call you soon has he concludes.
Today, this young man and I live together. I regularly drink the coffee with his mother and a pretty ring keeps you warm my left ring finger. And I'm not an isolated case. And I am not single.
I felt that our relationship could be based on something other than sexual tension. I instead made to cool down the spirits and allow us to focus on something more important: our eventual compatibility. The moral of this story is beautiful: the fact of sleeping the first night is in no way indicative of what you have to bring you in relationships. A pretty girl, funny and cultivated met in the evening no less beautiful, less funny or less cultivated after intercourse. Hold it to say.

The sexual attraction as a catalyst for interest

Sunset on the first night or not? Yes, provided that the sexual tension is at its peak, some or intentions you have towards it. This will go through:
  • Physically closer to you,
  •   Sexual conversation
  • Leave collect from desire (neither too much nor too little)
  • In short, create flirting (amorous behavior, halfway between seduction and getting laid).
The goal is to get him to say that she misses the night of her life if she in not gets laid with you. And when that is the case, do not wait, go for it. This tension will intensify the sex itself: it will be better for you and for her. The memory that you will leave will be more vibrant and it can only serve you. Furthermore, a sensual man in bed is often perceived as an intelligent man. As long as you are a good lover, use this card that will enhance your attractiveness.
A classic trap that many people fall: Sleeping together without making love under the pretense of "take your time". If you flirt with a girl and she spends the night with you, make love. Do not hold back on the pretext of "romanticism". Sleep together without love is down sexual tension without the orgasm box, and causes pain in the testicles.
Note: I discovered that the Anglo-Saxons used the term "blue balls" to refer to male pain out of frustration, you learn something every day!
Similarly, pre-pre-preliminary (hand games on Monday, mouth play on Tuesday, Wednesday games Villains) are useless. If you put your fingers, the rest should follow in time. The excuse of "no condom" does is not: It is a point on its stock before the host and can not empty pockets if you do not play at home.

Want more than a One Night Stand?

We'll have prove your worth. It has been two hours since you converse with this brunette. She's cute, funny and has "that little extra" that makes you want to go further? Property.
It has happened to me to want to be a boy, but frightened at the idea of ​​seeing disappear the next day. So I delayed as much as possible the first time. I had the good turn and shake my breasts under their noses as a reward for their interest so "no arms, no chocolate," it did not work. It is not delaying sexual relationship you are going to convince them to become your girlfriend. Besides, it does not convince a girl, it takes acting. Your attitude, your values, your lifestyle, that some of the things that matter to us.