Monday, February 10, 2014

Flirt online. What are the mistakes to avoid

Now see WHY it is useful for you to know what mistakes to avoid in online flirting. Of course these truths apply to both men and women.
Flirting online is an art requires a minimum of self-confidence without falling into the male side arrogant or sticky girl. The balance is required.
If you go too far, you will be cataloged "Super Glue." If you're shy and do not go far enough, you will be perceived as "deleted." So how will you achieve online this point halfway between tights and nonexistent. Under the flirting online, you can not use the natural charm your eyes or your body language. Strengths available are computer and your membership in the Network.
1. Have fun! Be funny and entertaining. Give him want to continue to communicate with you. To be attractive, flirt is so playful.
2. Adopt positive attitude. For successful flirting it is necessary to have an attitude positive in life. Your contacts should feel a good feeling with you. They must feel good. Attitude optimistic draws ladies as magnet attracts iron
3. Say compliments. Again it is all about attitude. I'm not saying that you should always say it's good, but when you do, go for it with enthusiasm. Everyone receives daily amounts of critical and too few compliments. So if you truly want to make your partner spend more time with you.
4. Listen, listen carefully especially your partner. Pay attention everything he or she tells you and if necessary ask the right follow-up questions. Give him the opportunity to speak her life. You should at once make him feel that it is an interesting person and that you are interested in his personality, but you do not always agree with his views. You see, it is simple and O p era perfectly!
Stay 5. Courteous. Flirting Online does not mean forgetting about the stages of seduction before arriving at sex. And even less to amaze you if your partner is not as early as you. Good advice. If you get many of releases, it might be time to change the method ...
6. Being grateful. Never forget to send a small thank you message after receiving a small gift. This is essential to the success of your online flirting.
Keep patient. Useless to go too quickly. Flirting is the first step a strong relationship.
And you know what are the attitudes to adopt to seduce you? Leave a comment below, I would be happy and I will answer you personally.

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