Monday, December 16, 2013

love at first click

Only one appears more difficult than to get a partner for life - to find him on the internet. More than 2,500 online dating services, dating portals, matchmaker and infidelity agencies offer online services to their love. The offer is growing almost daily.
Gone are the days when surfers and chatters roamed the net looking for hot stock recommendations for a casual hook-up date. The Internet generation has long since discovered another issue: love, sex and flirtation. She builds the information superhighway to the contact network of the hunt for the lonely hearts.
The confidence of the German grows into the intermediary services of the Internet. "In the past we have been associated with porn and prostitution," says Arndt Roller, CEO of eHarmony, "today we are accepted." Nearly a quarter of all Singles believes that nowadays, you can get to know his partner on the internet. While most parties, discos and clubs still hold for the more promising mating grounds.
However, the virtual dating services have long been obsolete classic ads in newspapers and magazines. The figures are based on a survey by market research firm Innofact on behalf of the brokerage eHarmony.
Expanding market
It has become normal to flirt on the internet. More than 40 percent of all singles looked for a partner already in the network. 20 percent can imagine to try it in the future. The market is growing, simply because there are more and more single-person households in Germany. In the age group 18-69 years, every fifth lives alone.
What was ridiculed even a few years ago and was embarrassed today wonder no more. For many flirting has become the Internet for social game and leisure activities, on the one speaks freely with friends. This is simply because the new media are deeply penetrated into our daily lives. Surfing, e-mails, chatting are long taken for granted - at least for the generations to mid-forties, but increasingly also for the elderly.
Form friendships in checkered flannel suit
In addition, the main target group of 35 - to 50-year career strongly clamped. "Many have no desire to be pretty again after a busy working and going out," says Sabine Wery von Limont, psychologist and single coach. Contact rather checkered flannel suit in front of the computer and courting my future partner alone with imaginative mails. This is convenient.
So you will first times anonymous and moves on to safe territory. "The likelihood that you will be perceived as a person online is much larger than offline," Wery believes v. Limont. When excavating in the bar you will too quickly prized and pushed into a drawer. The most important thing: At the Flirt market all have the same goal - you want to get to know someone.
Too expensive for a short adventure
Matchmaking and dating agencies share the growing market. The second group includes the Hamburg agency eHarmony. For five years, she tries to match pairs with the help of an elaborate psychological tests. Be addressed especially the 30 - to 60-year; them to a happy and long lasting relationship will be taught.
Against a short adventure, the mere price: Anyone who wants to be helped six months in finding a partner, must pay 179 euros for it. The brokerage Be2 requires 146 euro for a similar service.
Women are scarce
Simple and often cheaper than dating agencies are dating services on the net. Friend Scout24, Meetic, Ilove, or New offer their services already on from 7,99 euros per month. A premium package costs but also 29.45 monthly. Who it remains longer, is cheaper away.
As women - as in many Disco - are often scarce, the contact is for them sometimes for free, such as in Meetic. Which stock exchange is now the greatest promise of success, this is quite subjective.
No guarantee for the happiness of love
In general, of course, the larger the number of members, the greater the chance to meet good people. When searching for the appropriate platform to help comparison services like singleboersen comparison, flirt and flirt boersen side comparison ranking. A Stiftung Warentest love they are not, of course.
The calculator is designed to help the romantic love on the jumps. Does it work? A study of the University of Zurich shows that at least 26 percent of the contact-seekers on the Internet to find a steady partner. Before disappointed expectations and rejection, the machine does not protect you, of course. Although you can also exchange about love pain in the network. But in the end only helps someone who takes a hug.

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