Sunday, December 15, 2013

Couples: men do look around some more, women don't

Singles react differently to new acquaintances as determined who is dating. This can only confirm researchers at the University of Indiana to their experiments. But you limit: The relationship applies only to women who are stuck in a relationship. In men, they found no measurable difference.

For the study, researchers confronted their subjects with digital photos on the laptop. The 59 heterosexual men and 56 women aged 17 to 26 years were asked to rate 510 photos that people their gender and age group showed. Once there was a question whether the picture is distorted or not. Another time, asked to rate the attractiveness of the people displayed the test participants. Furthermore, the researchers asked the volunteers to their judgment, for how male or female they kept the person depicted. Your decisions they should each take "from the gut" and enter as soon as possible with a keyboard shortcut.

21 of the 56 women had a sex partner at the time of testing, 25 of the men The evaluations of ratings and reaction times revealed statistically significant differences among the women, its affiliated women attacked a few fractions of a second faster in the keys than the unbound. The researchers interpreted the shortened reaction time as an expression of reduced interest in the opposite sex. The result could indicate a relatively strong binding of the women to their partners that may suppress their attention and appreciation for alternative nsa partners, though married but still looking for a flirt is not a rare between women.

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